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When it comes to weight loss, information is key!

If you want to lose weight properly, firstly you will have to fill yourself with solid proof weight loss information that is backed up with studies and not with false claims.

Although the internet is full of articles that promise that they will reveal all the secrets of weight loss, in reality most of them are just articles with low quality content, which have no studies to back it up, that are looking only to make you click their ads. Using the best ab machine can really help when trying to lose weight and tone your muscles.


Because of this reason, we’ve decided to develop an article that will enumerate all the real factors that you will need to manipulate in order to achieve your weight loss goals.

Weight loss most important factors


Nutrition is the first important thing that you will have to adjust in order to lose weight optimally, there is no exercise or training method that will ever out run a bad diet.

Even though most of the people think that eating less is the key solution, in reality it may not be a great thing to do and this mainly because when a person starves himself the body triggers many metabolic processes that can transform the starvation diet in a yo yo diet.

But as a general rule, in order to lose weight you will have to eat enough proteins, a small amount of carbohydrates and a moderate amount of fats.


Supplements are another important key aspect which is related to nutrition and which is of great help in a weight loss process.

When you will start your weight loss process you will not have enough free time all the days to prepare your meals or to buy fresh fruits and vegetables to get the required vitamins, minerals and other important nutrients that your body needs in order to lose weight optimally.

So, due to this reason most of the times you will have to use supplements, namely:

  • Whey Protein – will help you to get your daily protein intake and will increase your metabolism.
  • Raspberry Ketone – great product that was scientifically proved to be effective for losing weight. When a person takes Raspberry Ketone the body will release in the blood a bigger quantity of fatty acids than usual from the fat stores, thing which will make the organism to burn more fats for energy than normal. A great way to maximize the effects of Raspberry Keton is to take it before starting your cardio session, in this way you will burn more fats from your fat stores. So, in our opinion Raspberry Ketone is a must for any person that looks to lose weight.
  • Vitamins and minerals complex – very important to keep the organism function properly, because if you will have any deficits your body will not be able lose weight optimally.


Exercising is a last thing that you will need to add to your daily routine in order to maximize your fat loss process, mainly because you can lose weight even without doing exercises, but at a very slow pace, thing which I don’t think any person that reads this article wants. So, when you will decide to start your weight loss process, make sure that you will get yourself a solid workout program also.

Finding Used Exercise Equipment That Will also Be Cheap

An increasing number of persons are turning online to find inexpensive options. Fitness equipment’s are no exception. Fitness has become the top priority of most people these day. However, certain reasons like the gym timing or being short of money can turn out to be a huge road block for these persons.
In this article, we’ll show you how to find fitness equipment cheap ….really cheap.

cheap weights

Firstly do you know that there are 2 types of fitness equipment? There’s is a commercial gym kit and then there’s a home gym kit. Both these equipment have a huge difference. Because a home gym producers understand that many peoples who purchase home fitness machines hardly workout. Most often, they do not even open the box of the machines.

In case, they do go on to set up the equipment, very soon they transform into a novelty product or a luxurious hanger for clothes. Hence, a home gym company who knows this do not utilize the top parts in order to keep their costs minimum. As a result, home gym equipment are pretty inexpensive as compared to commercial fitness equipment.

Conversely, commercial gym equipment is likely to work 24/7 as most gyms & health clubs are open 24/7.

Plus the continuous pounding the machines requires to absorb makes it necessary for commercial companies to include top notch parts. Hence, these equipment are expense.

You can buy weights for a really low price at somewhere like gumtree:

So what’s the solution? Purchase used commercial gym equipment.
There are certain pitfalls to watch out for as you must ensure that you’re purchasing from a manufacturer who focuses in this industry. For instance look for those who’ve been in this business for a minimum of 10 years as you will know that they’ve suffered a few economic storms.

Also search for a manufacturer who has a phone number & website. Contact the individuals and ensure they’re well-informed. Know how big their storeroom is because you must pick a company which has a storeroom at least 15,000 sq. feet or more.

These used fitness equipment manufacturers often purchase equipment in wholesale from gyms & health clubs going in loss for pennies. Then repair the equipment to make it brand new and then flip it for a huge profit.

You must also ensure they’ve a service section and parts if you ever require any help in the future. Following these advices, you’ll be on your path to save cash on used commercial fitness equipment.

Working Out & Juicing

Amla juice is one such juice which hasn’t’ been heard by everyone however it’s one such juice which contains plenty minerals as well as vitamins required by your body. It’s also called as “Indian gooseberry”. Amla has been in use in Ayurvedic medicines for centuries.

Essential Minerals and Vitamins

Even though the fruit is mainly water, there’s also a huge quantity of vitamin C inside the fruit together with fiber as well as protein. Majority of its health advantages could be connected with the high amounts of vitamin C which can boosts your immune system while also helping in strengthening your body in order to win its battle against the harmful bacteria. Vitamin C is one type of antioxidant which can help your body to eliminate the free radicals which are known to result in aging as well as cancer. Amla juice contains 10 to 20 times more proportion of vitamin C as compared to oranges.

weight lifting

For instance, drinking 100g of Amla juice can offer you 900mg of C vitamin.

Weight lifting is becoming a more and more popular phenomenon

You’ll also find quality source of iron, protein, carotene, calcium and vitamin B complex meaning that consumption of Amla juice is likely to better your energy as well as energy usage, improve your bone density, etc. If you consume Amla juice along with the pulp then you’ll also be able to get additional fiber which will help clear your veins and arteries minimizing the odds of heart issues and bad cholesterol. Fiber could help clear out your intestinal and digestive tracts.

Health Advantages


Amla juice is able to eliminate the bad cholesterol however it does not harm good cholesterol inside your body.


juicingAmla juice offers you with a natural anti-inflammatory shield which could help minimize swelling in the event you’re experiencing any type of allergic reaction or faced an injured resulting in swelling.

Amla juice helps better the healthy skin as well as hair, reinforce your nails and improves the visibility of your eyes. The antioxidants which are contained in this juice avoid infections. This further reduces your odds of suffering from several diseases.

Many individuals also consume this juice so as to treat or avoid problems with their digestive track. The juice helps flush out the toxins created in your body.

One thing to note about drinking Amla juice is that it is fairly concentrated in nutritional value and taste so many people like to mix it with other spices, fruit juices, or just plain water.