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Should You Get a Treadmill for Your Home? Pro’s and Con’s of a Home Gym

running machineEveryone has there preferred exercise routine. Some people like elliptical. Some people like stationary bikes. Others prefer getting their cardio through high-intensity interval training (HIIT) or more compound workouts like boxing or kick-boxing. Me, I like to stay old-fashioned and put in work on my treadmill. 30-40 minutes every other day is all I need to keep me satisfied. However I often get questions from friends and colleagues about whether they should get a treadmill in their house or simply stick to traveling to the gym.

The short answer is: No. You don’t need to get a treadmill for your home to have a full workout schedule. Many people (including myself in my earlier years) don’t have a home gym at all and simply rely on going to the gym a few times a week. There is no intrinsic need to have gym equipment at home, it can be bulky, expensive and sometimes hard to install and maintain. There is a reason gyms are so popular, they take a difficult process of home-exercise and make it simpler.

The longer answer is: Maybe. If you are really serious about your fitness, having at least some equipment in your house is an obvious requirement. How often have we skipped a day at the gym because we didn’t have time? The answer is pretty common across the board: very often. Time is the #1 cited reason for people missing workouts. My gym is a 20-30 minute drive from my house, that means an hour round trip. An hour is a long time to take out of your day. So for me having some equipment at home, include a treadmill, is necessary.

The longest answer is: Yes. You want to be fully prepared to be as fit and healthy as you can be. That means no excuses. There is no reason to skip a day, unless it is health related (when you are sick you should always rest). So if getting to the gym is going to be difficult, or if your gym closes early on the weekends, or if your car is in the shop, there shouldn’t be an excuse why you can’t put in a solid work out.

But How Do I Set Up a Treadmill?

It’s difficult, but luckily there are options. I am from New Jersey, and there are several companies that offer treadmill assembly in New Jersey and nearby New York. These guys are professionals and take the hard work out of your hands. I wouldn’t even attempt to put together a complex peice of machinery like an elliptical machine or treadmill, it could actually be quite dangerous.

How Do I Make Room?

This is a difficult part also. Most people opt to fit it wherever they can, include a basement or guest bedroom. The best implementations, however, are near windows, where you can simulate running in the open air.

There is no simple answer, but several models of treadmill actually have folding capabilities nowadays. This means that they can fit in smaller sections. You still need to make room for when it is fully unfolded.

This can be a problem for a lot of people, and it sometimes means they cannot have one in their homes. This is OK. Be practical, and if you can’t fit the equipment, don’t kill yourself trying to make it work.

So there you have it, 3 answers to the same question. It really comes down to some practical considerations, “Do I have room for gym equipment”, “How easy is it to get to my gym”, “Do I often make excuses to get out of traveling to the gym”. If you can answer those questions honestly, you will have a good answer as to how to go about setting up a home gym or cardio room in your house.