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Beginner Tips on Using Weight Benches

Before you read any more, for those of you that are considering becoming a personal trainer to help improve other peoples fitness, you might want to consider taking a personal trainer course to be certified and trusted.

For those who are just new to the gym, you probably might need help on some of the equipment which you may have or never heard of. In this article, we will be talking about weight benches and how it’s being used by gym goers especially those who want to focus on their upper body strength.

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To start, weight benches are an ideal equipment to create a better strength-training workout. There are different types of benches wherein they come in different styles and designs so that they can provide a specific type of focus on the upper body. These benches usually come in flat and sometimes upright just like narrow chairs that has high, padded backs. There are also those that can be easily adjusted so that you can perform bench presses on an inclined or declined position.

If you want to get started on weight benches for your first time at the gym, here are some tips that we found on Fitness-Frog.com

Experiment on the bench’s angle particularly if you’re doing chest exercises – If you incline the bench for a few degrees then it will allow you to work on the muscle fibers of the upper chest. Just avoid attempting an inclined bench press on a high angle because doing so can put the joints on your shoulders at risk. If you put the position of the bench on a declined position, this will put focus on the lower area of your chest. You can try a slightly different angle each time when you work out to give a unique focus on your chest.

Use the bench for support – If you plan on doing bicep curls or overhead lifts, then a weight bench can help you out since it can be used for comfort during the workout. Achieving a workout position with the support of a bench can prevent cheating from occurring during your sets. It will definitely prevent your body from rocking back and forth while you build the momentum in lifting dumbbells. This support will simply allow you to put focus on the muscle power of your biceps instead of distributing the force and effort on the different parts. However, if the weight becomes too heavy then you’ll have to avoid relying too much on the bench to prevent your back from arching off against it.

Use these weight benches to lift weights ONLY – The main purpose of weight benches is to support your body in lifting weights and not as equipment for step aerobics. However, step benches can still be used as weight benches as long as the weights you’re lifting is not over 30 pounds.

Keep your feet flat on the floor – When lifting weights using a weight bench, you need to keep your feet flat on the ground at all times. The reason for this is that it will be used as a support to help you push the weights away from your body.

For beginners, avoid lifting your feet up on the air – It is recommended that your feet remains perfectly attached to the ground so that you will not be creating an unstable position for your body.

Hopefully, these tips are enough to keep you going on the different weight bench exercises that you can do at the gym. But if you plan on purchasing one for your home, you can look for it at http://www.fitness-frog.com/best-weight-bench-reviews-for-home-workouts/